The updating function of Android is really better, Android 9 Pie has just proved that


Indeed, “Project Treble” has made it easier to update Android.

Android 9 Pie has just launched for a few days, and although this is a milestone in the development of Android, today, the operating system continues to hit another milestone: the first After a day, a non-Google device has been updated to the latest version of Android!

For years, the nature of the Android ecosystem has made updating the operating system of a device seem impossible. Some of the biggest OEMs in the world spend three to six months updating their flagship, and this is the best support they can get – many of which are not even updated! Look at the Android 8.0 Oreo that it’s almost 1 year old, but only 12% of Android devices today. The embarrassing situation associated with this update has led many to call Android a “vicious hell of holes,” because almost every Android device is running outdated operating system versions. .

Google has done a great deal to address this situation, and Project Treble, an initiative on Android Oreo 8.0, which modulates the operating system, detaches it from the hardware – is its answer to help counter Android is easier. Project Treble is good news for custom ROMs, where for the first time, developers have been able to create generic Android builds that can run on multiple devices from different manufacturers. . But the way that Treble will affect the vast majority of Android customers who use the official ROM, so far is a big question mark.

Android 9 launches, Android-powered phones supporting Project Treble will be updated, and today we have seen the benefits of this project. While many phones are beta testers, the Essential Phone is the first non-Google-produced phone in history to be equipped with an Android update just a day after its launch.

The Essential Phone has an advantage when using the original Android on its phone, meaning it does not have a large amount of software customization done on the core. Companies with heavy customizable interfaces like Samsung and LG will have to do more work, so they have to wonder if those customizations are worth it. Essential has proven that the ability to quickly update the iPhone style is completely available on Android.

Updating soon after launch can be normal on competing operating systems, but with Android, this is a big challenge. We will have to keep track of the situation, as many OEMs have announced (or do not) plan their updates; But at least, there are positive signs of improvement.

If any other OEMs do this, they will also be a viable option for future customers. Essential seems to have canceled the Essential Phone 2, so it is unclear whether we can buy a new phone from the company. At the very least they have left a strong mark before leaving the game!

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