Review karaoke speaker DE Acoustic DP12


A quick look at the DE Acoustic DP12 karaoke speakers is a modern, luxurious speaker. The design is similar to professional stage speakers. The details on the speakers are also designed to be highly oriented, not too picky but ensure the highest sound quality.

The speakers are made of oak wood, giving a warm and soft sound. This is in common with the DE acoustic DP10. Perhaps the difference between the two speakers is the power of the speaker as well as the size of the speaker inside.

The black painted electrostatic paint, along with solid polygonal shape, is also one of the factors that make a strong, modern speaker. The paint also makes the case more durable. anti-scratch, anti-scratch effect.

The actual dimensions of the speakers are 362 x 364 x 588 mm. The volume of the speaker is 20.5 kg / speaker. Not too cumbersome. The cylindrical polygonal design of the loudspeaker is ideal if you need to hang up or use a loudspeaker.

Sound quality

Overall sound clarity, the DE Acoustic DP12 delivers crystal clear sound. The bass of the speaker is quite good, the sound is loud, clear and internal but still keep the soft, smooth, not too heavy. When listening to music, although not using sub but feel enough bass, not shortage.

The high strings are the two speakers are clear, smooth, not dizzy. The speakers are really suitable for professional karaoke rooms need to be vibrant, strong but still be clear, bright.

Speaker coverage

The average power of the speakers is up to 350W, reaching a maximum level of up to 1200W. With just average volume, the speaker has the ability to cover the sound, full of space in the wide range of about 50m2. With wider space, the speaker is able to cover the sound well. Although standing in the corner of the room, speakers can hear the details of the music.

High sensitivity of up to 96dB is one of the reasons for the loudspeaker to remain strong, even when operating at high power in large space but does not take up too much power.

Speaker durability

High durability is due to the material of the loudspeaker box, the material of the loudspeaker and also rely on other components inside the speakers are standard or not. With DE Acoustic DP12 speakers, the speaker details are processed in high quality. Ensure speaker durability.


The DE Acoustic DP12 speaker gives the user a compelling audio experience that appeals to audiences. If you are a fastidious customer, looking for a set of speakers for theatrical or professional karaoke, and especially not care about the price, this is the karaoke speaker you are looking for.


  • Modern design, luxury. Easily arranged in a variety of circumstances.
  • The strong, lively sound is still soft and warm.
  • Powerful, powerful internal sound, thick cover in large space.
  • High durability with standard specifications


  • High cost
  • Brand is not popular in the market.

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