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Best Rated Canister Vacuums of 2018


Choosing a Canister Vacuum Cleaner is quite difficult when there are so many types of products in the market. There are some features to be considered before you purchase a canister vacuum. Those are suction, maneuverability and ease of use.

After hours of testing we have 5 amazing opinions for you. Now you can have a look at our canister vacuum reviews and choose the one which suits your type.

Which one would you choose? We’ll find it out right now!

Best Overall – Best rated canister vacuum cleaner

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animalup

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal

Conquer any types of mess

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal is the best one that we recommend you to pursue right now. It cleaned up all types of mess (including sawdust, hair, kitty litter and flour) quickly and easily, beats other competing units in just some minutes. Animal are especially designed for homes with pets.

Easy to maneuver

Dyson also stands out for maneuverability cause the canister follows you around the house with little effort.

Amazing filtration

Those who have allergy sufferer would consider Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal as the best because it has a sophisticated filtration system.

Among so many good points, there are some drawbacks to this machine. For example: it is quite heavier than others types, or it makes noise.

Best Value canister vacuum

Eureka ReadyForce Total

Eureka ReadyForce Total

Eureka ReadyForce Total has big power with a 12 amp motor, packed into a lightweight design. It can fully clean all surfaces in your home.

Friendly budget

Eureka ReadyForce is the most competitive-price unit among others, still it has strong suction. It can easily vacuum dust or flour but takes time to pick up kitty litter.

Good maneuverability

Eureka machines can move around table legs and other obstacles easily.
Though, they are less impressive for portability and short cord and hose. You will meet difficulty while cleaning stairs.

Quietest canister vacuum

Bissell C4 Cyclonic

Bissell C4 Cyclonic

Quietest canister vacuum cleaner

When we tested The Bissell C4 Cyclonic, it turned out to have the quietest operation and best suction. You can some chores without waking up your husband and children.

Long hose and cord

It has long hose and extendable wand for more than 10 feet of cleaning reach. Although it is not easy to control but still strong in other features. Bissell C4 Cyclonic is a good choice for stairs, upholstery cleaning and other surfaces like curtains, auto interiors and more. They provide a variety of types includes wet/dry vacuums, bagged and bagless vacuums and more.

Widest cleaning path

You will save a lot of time cleaning ground because C4 Cyclonic has the widest cleaning path of any other vacuums.
Pay attention when you empty bagless models cause they tend to create a cloud of dust.

Most lightweight canister vacuum

Fuller Brush Home Maid

Fuller Brush Home Maid

Lightest unit

Weighing only around 8 pounds, Fuller Brush Home Maid is considered the lightest unit we tested. It is very suitable for you to carry the vacuum between different floors.


This model’s wand can stand on its own while others have to lean on something.
Maybe Fuller Brush Home Maid is not the most perfect one especially on hard floor, but still that’s a good choice for those who are afraid of heavy vacuums.

Best for Large Rooms canister vacuum

Simplicity Wonder

Simplicity Wonder

Longest cord

With a 28-foot cord, you can clean large floor, no need to stop and find a new outlet. You can even clean over your house with in one trip only.

Light unit

Simplicity Wonder also stands for its lightweight, only around 11 pounds.
This is a fairly expensive vacuum cleaner among others.

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